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November 26, 2013
November 27, 2013


The Chinese proficiency test at level three (HSK 3) tests learners of Chinese on whether they have an “elementary” understanding of the Chinese language. The test includes three sections: reading, writing, and listening. Unlike HSK basic, which includes levels 1 and 2, HSK 3 begins to focus a bit on language production. In the writing section, it requires you to unscramble sentences into grammatically correct sentences. It also gives you sentences with words taken out, which you must fill in. If you’ve taken an earlier level of the HSK, not HSK 3  before, you probably know what to expect in general.


HSK 3 — The Best Order for Learning Vocabulary

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While you’re celebrating the winter holidays, please take a look at the information we’ve provided on the HSK 3. Though our guide isn’t free, our proficiency in HSK 3 Chinese FAQ is. And keep in mind that no matter what information sources you use, the main action that will lead to success on HSK 3 is memorizing vocabulary. You can get organized lists from our guide or unorganized lists elsewhere online. I suggest you don’t study unorganized vocabulary lists in order, though, as you’ll end up memorizing a bunch of “shi” words at the same time, which will just become a mess in your head.


HSK 3 — Use Your Winter Break Wisely!


Also note that the brand new format of the HSK 3 test was introduced in March 2010. The “New HSK 3,” as some are calling it, removed the grammar section and made the speaking section optional. It also made the test much easier, much to students’ rejoice. Now, it’s easier to get into colleges because you don’t need as high a skill in Chinese as you did in the past. But don’t let this be a crutch. The HSK 3 certainly is easier now than it ever was, but you’ll still need to study hard to pass every section. Be sure to take a look at all the free HSK 3 university resources while you’re relaxing at home this winter.


HSK 3 — Comprehensive Guide (Winter Sale)


Taking and passing the new HSK 3 is a lofty goal. Not only will passing it represent you’ve met an international standard for Chinese ability, but it will also allow you access to many university programs and jobs in China. And rightly so, as the HSK 3 tests Chinese language use in daily and professional use. As you pass through the HSK 3, you’ve made it to the intermediate level — 3 more levels to go! The world’s only HSK 3 comprehensive guide is online and on sale for the winter holidays.

Quinn Cash
Quinn Cash
Quinn Cash is a contributor to HSK Tests Online and a Chinese/English translator.

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