HSK Private Tutoring

ATTN: HSK Students

Passing the HSK without a guide is difficult for most students. Private HSK tutoring will specifically address your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make improvements in the right areas in the right ways. Our tutors will specifically craft a preparation plan for whatever HSK level you are at and will walk you through exam problems.


Our HSK Tutors…

  • Are native Chinese speakers.
  • Know the HSK exam inside and out.
  • Teach strategies for tackling each section.
  • Either know English or do not (You can choose whether he/she speaks English. We recommend lower-level students to use our English-speaking tutors).
  • Teach you one-on-one via Skype



I just received my HSK Certificate, and I couldn’t have done it without HSKTests.com’s tutoring

-Lyn Wang


Our tutor is amazing! You should give him a raise! But seriously, thank you so much for such a perfect tutor.

-Lauren Malagon


HSKTests.com has great tutors! If I didn’t have their help, I wouldn’t have been able to understand so many complicated Chinese language concepts. By helping me accelerate my learning speed, I have much more free time to actually enjoy using Chinese – watching Chinese dramas!

-Florida Meyers


My tutor was a big help to me. He helped my self-esteem, which helped me be more confident in speaking Chinese.

-Herman Judd


How Does HSK Private Tutoring Work?

Fill out the form below, telling us about your situation. After we know what exam level you wish to take and what your specific needs are, we will assign you your tutor and contact you with available times for one-on-one Skype tutoring.

Our tutoring costs only $18.99 per hour right now, so get it while it’s still at a low price.


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What kinds of tutoring do you offer?

Our tutoring is customized for your specific needs. Our students receive in subjects from accent training, conversation practice, speaking correction, and much more.

If you have a special request, just tell us. We are adaptable.

What kind of training do your tutors have?

All of our tutors undergo HSK teacher training. Some of our tutors also take regular English classes to help lower-level students who cannot yet learn in Chinese-only tutoring sessions.


Do you have any tutors that speak Spanish/Italian/(my language)?

At the moment, our team of tutors can only speak Chinese and English.


Do you offer reduced payment plans for long-term tutoring?

Yes. Please fill out the form above and specify that you’ll be signing up for long-term tutoring. We will get back to you with a discounted rate.