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The higher levels of the HSK require you to do some writing. While many students practice their HSK writing on their own, few actually go out and get feedback from a professional. We offer professional HSK writing and essay correction that’s affordable for all students.

Even if you’re not specifically focusing on an HSK essay, you can send in your Chinese essay for correction, and we’ll give it the work-through.

All writing samples submitted will be graded by a native Chinese speaker familiar with the HSK writing exam.


HSK Writing Correction Service

  • Get your HSK writing sample back with mistakes corrected.
  • Professional advice in plain English will accompany your writing sample.
  • Learn your strong points and weak points (we will point them out)
  • Get a score for your HSK writing sample


How Does HSK Writing Correction Work?

After submitting a tiny, one-time payment of $5, submit your writing sample by uploading your file in the form below. We will send your corrections and analysis to your email box.



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