For many students, it’s the HSK results that’s the most important part of the HSK. What can you do with your HSK results? How can you get good HSK results. This article will answer these questions.


HSK Results and Translation

A year after receiving the positive HSK results for the highest level of the old HSK, I began to advertise myself as a Chinese translator. At that time, passing the highest level of the HSK was more-or-less an official ticket to the world of Chinese-English translation. Through this profession, I was able to meet lots of people I would not have otherwise been able to meet. My clients included famous artists, government officials, and renowned professors. I never would have thought that learn my HSK results would equal a lifestyle change. Once I moved to Taiwan, I already had an established translation career and began translating documents for the Taiwanese government. But my progress in the Chinese language was no different than anyone elses. We all start at the beginning, memorizing rudimentary characters.


HSK Results and Study Habits

The good news is that much of the HSK test preparation doesn’t require you to pack up all your things and move to China. With today’s online tools, most of the HSK test subjects lend themselves to online study. Online study is so useful that many of my China-based classmates with equally good HSK results used online materials almost as much as on-site resources. To study Chinese with the aim of good HSK results, you’ll need to integrate a little of everything. Practicing the speaking and writing aspects of the language are a bit harder when you only have free online resources. But many Chinese learners don’t mind shelling out a few bucks for a speaking practice session or an essay correction service. Changing the way you study can bring lots of advantages for your HSK results. In case you are new to Chinese language language, I recommend you spend some time on our site to learn more about the HSK and how the HSK results can influence your future work. If you have been learning Chinese for a while, take a look at our services and resources. Set a benchmark goal for your HSK results and work toward them.


HSK Results for Hobbiests

Even if your interest in the Chinese language is not career-oriented, you should consider taking the HSK. Only your HSK results can give you an objective measuer of where your current Chinese level stands. And when you go to China, your HSK results will remind you of your ability, giving you that confidence to speak up when you need to. People across the world wish they could communicate and write Chinese, but few of us actually take to action The problem is learning Chinese is a troublesome job without the correct coaching or learning materials. But once you receive the highest level of today’s HSK results, you’ll look back at your beginning years and feel Chinese is simple as pie. By applying yourself every day, you’re bound to get high HSK results. hsk results


December 16, 2013

HSK Results

For many students, it’s the HSK results that’s the most important part of the HSK. What can you do with your HSK results? How can you […]
November 27, 2013


Previously, the highest level of the HSK was HSK level 11, not HSK 6. But with the new format of the HSK being introduced in March 2010, now […]
November 26, 2013


The Chinese proficiency test at level three (HSK 3) tests learners of Chinese on whether they have an “elementary” understanding of the Chinese language. The test includes three sections: reading, […]