The different HSK levels, while important, is one of my least favorite topics. People overcomplicate the idea of what HSK level they should take by discussing the differences in grammar, vocabulary, and merit. My point of view is that you don’t need to worry about the HSK levels. Just worry about your HSK levels.

How To Discover Your HSK Level

Ready? Estimate your level. Done that? Okay, now assume you’ve estimated your level to be level 5, because you are a confident young fellow. Here’s what you do:

  1. Get a practice test (such as through our lovely website here).
  2. Start the timer.
  3. Go through the practice test.
  4. Check your scores.

Easy? If you’re above an 80, this level might be too easy for you. So, you would repeat the process with a practice test a level higher, HSK level 6. If you’re below a 50, you would repeat this process with an HSK practice test a level below, HSK level 4 in this case. If you’re between a 50 and an 80, you’re probably at this level and can safely pass this HSK level after a bit of preparation and more practice.


Studying for Your HSK Level

The HSK exam differs from other language tests in that it has multiple levels. In contrast, English tests, such as the TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTSA, have only one level. This makes finding suitable HSK material more difficult. Luckily, with the Internet, you can find many great websites on which to study Chinese. Each website has its own advantages and disadvantages. Ours, for example is totally focused on the HSK, not general Chinese language studies. We also provide one-on-one teachers for students who cannot find appropriate HSK teachers in their areas. With this system, we can tailor our course to your specific HSK level. We also have tools and materials that other students and instructors don’t know about such as our guides for different HSK levels. And our frequent articles on tips for different HSK levels can help and encourage many depressed HSK students (studying is sometimes depressing, after all). So take the time to assess what online resource best suits you for studying the Chinese language with respect to a specific HSK level.


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These days, students have the freedom and resources to travel abroad to study. Arab nations have known this for centuries, as is evident by their proverb: “Even if you have to travel to China, getting an education is worth it.” Today a specialized education is important to get a good career. But the aspect of “traveling to China” is no longer as difficult as it was for the Arabs centuries ago. Today, it’s not so much as troublesome as it is exciting to go to China and prepare for the HSK there. Getting a Chinese education in China can set you leagues ahead of your peers, in reading,speaking, listening, and especialy writing, in terms of HSK levels. Not only does China have the best teachers, but you’ll be exposed to the Chinese lifestyle as you learn, basically forcing you to apply your Chinese education to real life. While online studying is truly helpful, nothing beats going abroad to learn if you want to increase your HSK level.


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The different HSK levels, while important, is one of my least favorite topics. People overcomplicate the idea of what HSK level they should take by discussing […]
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