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September 6, 2013
Essential Information About Learning Chinese
September 9, 2013

Where Is The Best Place To Learn Chinese Tones Online?


Useful Information About Learning Chinese Tones


Students can test their reading ability by looking at the text from a story and trying to read it on their own OR they can use the audio to follow along, line by line. This is a great practice tool that will help students learn to read and practice their tones. Make some character cards with a single large character on the front and the character’s pronunciation and meaning together with words and/or phrases featuring the character on the back. Carry these cards around with you and refer to them whenever you have a moment. Our Chinese language courses include huge lists like this.

HSK Tests Online has 6 study guides, practice tests, tutoring services and writing correction services for learning to speak, read, write and understand conversational and formal Chinese. Quinn Cash and Heng Yen teach you straight from China in their office. You might be disappointed to find that they don’t wear “HanFu” but rather suits, but it’s the content that counts, right? Start with our downloadable lessons with Chinese and pinyin (for levels 1 and 2), in PDF and audio file formats. The lessons (explanations) are written in English, but most of the content is in Chinese and pinyin. You will also have audio for Chinese examples and quizzes, which help greatly with learning tones. learning chinese,learning chinese characters,learning chinese online,learn chinese,learn chinese online,learning chinese language,how to learn chinese,learning mandarin chinese,learn chinese characters,how to learn chinese language,learning to speak chinese,best way to learn chinese,learn chinese in 5 minutes,learn to speak chinese,learn chinese mandarin,learn mandarin chinese,learn chinese words,learning chinese mandarin,learning chinese writing,i want to learn chinese,how to learn chinese fast,learn to write chinese,learn chinese software,hsk exam,hsk test,hsk

It is now possible to learn about the HSK in the comfort of your own home. With today’s modern technology, almost anything is possible. Using the power of the internet, it is possible to learn this interesting language at home, something impossible in the past. You are able sit on your favorite couch listening to audio lessons and sipping a hot cup of Oolong tea. There is no longer the hassle of needing to travel to and fro from the language center to your home. There will be no more traffic jams or mad rushes.

In case you cannot find a suitable Chinese speaking class or tutor in your area, our online tutoring has a major benefit to your Chinese tonal abilities. So, if you are seeking to learn mandarin Chinese online, it is a good option to register for a one-on-one tutor at HSK Tests Online.

Quinn Cash
Quinn Cash
Quinn Cash is a contributor to HSK Tests Online and a Chinese/English translator.

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