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With the rise of China as a major word power, Mandarin learning is becoming a goal for people around the world — like never before. For example, in the UK students are shifting away from the traditional foreign language in favor of Mandarin. Whereas in the past, languages such as Latin or Greek were compulsory to primary school students from the age of seven, nowadays, students are learning Mandarin. To meet the demand, many language schools all over the UK, US and Europe have started offering Mandarin Chinese classes. For many students, the hsk exam has become the main goal. This is especially true for adults. To prepare for the HSK, students are using a large variety of learning tools, such as flash cards, MP3 files, videos and even Chinese karaoke.chinese hsk,hsk test,learn chinese online,hsk chinese,chinese testing hsk,learn chinese online free,how to learn chinese,learn mandarin online,i want to learn chinese,hsk,hsk chinese test,chinese learning website,chinese test hsk,hsk exam,learn chinese software,chinese learning software,chinese hsk exam,learn mandarin online free,how to speak mandarin,test hsk,hsk chinese exam,mandarin learning,study chinese,chinese learning online,chinese vocabulary,chinese courses,how to learn mandarin,hsk china,learn to speak mandarin


A recent article in the Financial Times (FT) discusses the future of the Chinese language. The writer, Kwan Yuk Pan points out that westerners who have problems singing are likely to have problems speaking Mandarin. This is because Chinese is a tonal language, which requires the distinguishing of notes. But thanks to China’s growing influence, many schools and courses have popped up, allowing students an easier-than-ever opportunity to learn Mandarin. Countries across the world from South Korea to the US have been integrating Mandarin (Putonghua) into their their language programs.

Chances are, you’ve been looking around online for useful resources for learning Chinese. But it’s easy to get lost in the wealth of sites. Though lots of sites offer free information on learning Chinese, not many help students focus on a specific aspect of Chinese. I frequently search the Internet to see what new information is out there. And I’ve found that for most students, figuring out what resources to use can be pretty confusing. To learn mandarin online free, first figure your goals. For a beginner, the goals of what you want to learn will guide your initial habits, which will either be useful to your progress or not. Save time in the long-term by setting goals in the first place. Please read through our study guides to begin.

Quinn Cash
Quinn Cash
Quinn Cash is a contributor to HSK Tests Online and a Chinese/English translator.

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