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September 17, 2013
The HSK Exam in Terms of Your Individual Goals
September 19, 2013

Do You Need Four Years for Chinese Fluency?

Speak Chinese Rapidly With HSK Tests Online…

…and start learning Chinese yourself with instant access to our massive archive of Chinese materials. Why is Learning Chinese so difficult? Most people who want to learn Chinese at a professional level sign up for classes at a local school or university. These programs typically adopt Chinese textbooks like the Integrated Chinese series which break the learning process down into around sixty lessons spread over four years. But do we really need four years to learn Chinese? I say no!

Chinese is difficult; that’s a fact. But the difficulties lie in specific aspects of the language itself. For example, distinguishing between pairs of two-character words can be difficult because there are so many characters pairings that sound close to others. Even Chinese people have problems distinguishing (or 辨正, as they say) between certain words. Without learning to write mandarin, it’s hard to differentiate similar-sounding words.

To learn Chinese online is what many Chinese learners want since most people agree that learning Chinese through school is time-consuming. Online Chinese learning can bring a lot of benefits to work and life. If you are new to the Chinese language, I suggest you spend some time to find the best way to learn Chinese for you through our resources. If you have been learning Chinese for a while, I still recommend you review the ways you are using to learn Chinese in order to improve your efficiency and get better learning results. Your choice matters: The businesspeople worldwide are currently improving their Chinese communication and cultural understanding to gain success in China.

The HSK Walkthrough Chinese Guide at HSK Tests Online, a groundbreaking project of Chinese Teacher Heng Yen and his student Quinn Cash, is now the #1 Comprehensive Guide to the HSK. Our current top-seller is the hsk level 4 walkthrough.

Quinn Cash
Quinn Cash
Quinn Cash is a contributor to HSK Tests Online and a Chinese/English translator.

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