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September 9, 2013
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September 11, 2013

China’s New Gold Mine: The HSK Certificate


Starting Your Chinese Learning Online: The HSK Method

A useful companion for HSK test-takers is our HSK Walkthrough, which gives you plenty of background information about the language you have embarked upon learning. Finding a Chinese class does not, in general, teach you all the possible problems with taking the HSK. To get around this limitation, HSK Tests Online offers an HSK FAQ. But learning mandarin or putonghua is more than just knowing how to pass the HSK. For more information, our other pages and read on to learn why we are the #1 HSK Learning Program onilne.

The HSK contains 6 levels, such as hsk level 2. Each of our guides focuses on a specific level of the HSK and includes PDFs and mp3 files that you can download for at-home or on-the-run studies.

Your current destination is not important. You may want to learn Chinese to work or study in China, or just to chat with Chinese friends. You may want to learn Chinese to get more from a holiday or business trip to China. Or you may just want to increase your knowledge and understanding of new languages and cultures. No matter to what extent you choose to learn Mandarin Chinese, the HSK walkthrough is a tool that will help you in every one of your endeavors. Just be sure to remember us when you arrive at Shanghai and ordering a hot cup of Oolong tea fluently.

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We will guide you along your journey in learning Chinese. You’ll also learn interesting facts about Chinese culture along the way. With the help of our rich multimedia lessons you’ll soon feel like you’ve found a shortcut to learning Chinese and passing the HSK. From the very beginning, we teach you what you want to know in order to start communicating in Chinese. Each section is focused on a real HSK test aspect that you will encounter in during the exam.

Quinn Cash
Quinn Cash
Quinn Cash is a contributor to HSK Tests Online and a Chinese/English translator.

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