Get 6 Practice Tests and a Free HSK Minicourse

Get 6 free HSK practice tests AND a free 5-day email mini course.

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The HSK Walkthrough

The HSK Walkthrough Guides are meant to lay out the strategies for beating each level of the HSK test with the least possible trouble. Inside, you will learn the types of questions each test will throw at you as well as the strategies to beating the HSK tests.

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HSK Private Tutoring

Passing the HSK without a guide is difficult for most students. Private HSK tutoring will specifically address your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make improvements in the right areas in the right ways. Our tutors will specifically craft a preparation plan for whatever HSK level you are at and will walk you through exam problems.

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Welcome to your FREE online HSK Testing Resource! This website offers all the information you need to pass all levels of the HSK exam with flying colors. Available are study guides, practice exams, and HSK courses to help prepare you for the HSK.

My job here is to help you help yourself to prepare for the HSK. If it is your first time here, or if you are new to the HSK, please choose one of the links below to get started.

Also, check out the FAQ for questions not contained in the above links.

If you already know what version of the HSK you plan to take, check below for important information for that level.

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